Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kiss me like your gonna marry me.....

My sweet Caroline....she is always saying things to her daddy that totally melt his heart. Tonight we were expecting some friends for dinner, I was busy preparing the dinner, Baby Caldwell was in his bouncey swing and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and let Caroline take a bath in the kitchen sink (which we have never done)! It was a total novelty to her and kept her busy while I worked. Big C came home and was astonished when he saw his big girl splashing around the kitchen with her toothless grin...yes minus one front tooth due to a brutal fall in the kitchen (I'm almost over it). When he walked over to examine the fun in the sink she looked at her daddy and said, "Daddy, kiss me like your gonna marry me!" of course he kissed her and told her how adorable she was and my heart melted. I wonder what God would say if we asked, "Lord, kiss me with your spirit, pour our your wisdom and favor..." Im pretty sure it we asked more, we would recieve. I love you Jesus...


  1. Sarah,

    So nice to meet you and let me tell you.... I love your kitchen... your burlap and seersucker sip n see.... and your precious babies..

    I have been hosting my very first paper trunk show at my home and I'm exhausted but I will be back... I can't wait to read more!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and so sorry it took me so long to get over here and say

    nice to meet you!



  2. And oh the cupcakes on your header... I wish mine looked like that!

  3. Hey! I found your blog through Darby's! Don't you just love her?

    I just love what your daughter said! So very cute!!!!

  4. what a cute post! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. it made my day.

    i can only see tidbits of your kitchen.....please post pics. it looks gorgeous!!

  5. hello beautiful!

    look at you!!!
    so excited you started blogging again! now i have a local blogging friend as well! ;)
    beautiful post. such a sweet message & so true.

    YES! we do need to meet up. i'm open to anything. MWF works best with me.
    just whenever!
    have a beautiful weekend.

  6. Hi, visiting via Pearls & Grace. This may be one of the sweetest post ever!! What a sweet baby girl!

  7. Hi! First time visiting your blog. Beautiful! I love this post. My husband and I are expecting our first daughter any day now, and I know she will own his heart as soon as they put her in in arms. Dads and daughters, one of God's most beautiful relationships. I just did a blog myself about it. Beautiful pic as well, love it!!!