Friday, February 17, 2012

Pearl Event......The Double Strand....COMING SOON!!!

Girls do you like my new redone blog page? FINALLY I got around to getting rid of that old cupcake header and get a cleaner, fresher look! Thanks to some pressing sisters who gave me a super hard time about it :) you know who you are......
I turned 32 two days ago! What in the word? Seriously!!! When did I grow up? I mean there are still days when I wonder if people know that I still feel way to young to have children and a husband to take care of it. But, really I have been super excited about being in my 30's. Its seems to me women in their 30's start to really come into their own.
I pray that all the miraculous things God did last year, this year would be another amazing year of living in MERCY and GRACE.
SO....I'm like over the moon excited about THE PEARL EVENT in NASHVILLE, TN coming very very soon. I am beyond honored to be among such precious sisters and might I add AMAZING bloggers.
There are some tickets left, so if you want to be there!! GET YOUR TICKET GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!
I love you all!!!!!!!!