Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer loving fun!

Have you ever just really dreamed about something? Like months in advanced thought about and event, something you are really really looking forward too? Well...I had one of those events.....last year at our house I built a house, had a baby, moved and spent the entire year trying to get my act together. There has not been a lot of time to relax and do nothing, because there is simply something to do all the time. However, I planned a beach trip for my family (including my parents) to gorgeous 30A...Alys Beach. It was great and exhausting all in the same breath. Caroline loved the beach, the pool and the endless nights of movies, sleeping in a new bed, a birthday family party at the beach complete with pin the tale on the donkey, attention from her honey and pops and just tons of plain ole fun for a three year old. My parents enjoyed (as they should) their grands and all the beach fun! As for the big guy....well he spent most of his time helping me keep an eye on our precious almost 1 year old who was scaling our very non child proof beach house. (note to self...never rent a home that was not made for babies, it can be very very stressful....none the less gorgeous). As for me....I had a great time watching my family have a lot of fun, however...let me just say that beach can be hard with little ones. But, over all there is something to be said for just getting away, loving on your family day in and out and just living instead of working hard at home!!! So here to the beach, family and summer fun!
loving her sandcastles
my angel boy....
big C and his little C
our family
my wonderful parents
this girl finds fun wherever she is....

Yummy 1
Yummy 2

the photographer never gets to be in the pictures, so here she is!

my daddy cooking another great after the beach lunch

birthday party at the beach...this iconic game was a hit with this child!

no cakes at the beach only only only Charlie's Donuts
Alys Beach detail, there people don't miss a thing at this place....simply awesome
bathed and ready for beach babies!
our pool at Ayls..I could live here
Well from the picture below we were supposed to be taking a cool picture...notice the above pic...she just HAD to get in.....IN HER OUTFIT!!! love it!

Dad reading Caldwell the finance section of the Wall Street Journal

Caroline and moms other child

Getting ready to say bye to the beach!!!!