Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Boys Cry when they bump their heads....but we made it a play date....

This little love took a big fall yesterday while we were at a wedding. We thought it was nothing at first. But, later that night he started having symptoms of concussion. So, little man and I headed off to the ER while our big daddy stayed at home with sissy! I was scared, not thrilled at all about going alone and more than anything just scared for my sweet baby boy. PRAISE the ended up not being as serious as we thought THANK GOD. But, during the 5 hours that I lay in the ER bed with this guy we had a ball.....which was the first clue maybe, just maybe I had jumped the gun. But, when it comes to your babies you would rather be safe than sorry. we played with trucks, we made animal sounds and we cuddled. It was a strange and expensive place to do all that but I tried to just really be thankful for that He was ok and began to pray for the mothers and daddy's who live on a hospital room with a child they see in true pain or danger. Its hard to even let your mind go there. But, its a reality. May the Lord grant them the peace and strength to be strong.

Eater Sweetness..

I have added a few new Easter sweetness to my seasonal decor addiction.......Lord, help me!!!

It's been said that I have weakness for a party, for a holiday, for the seasonal decor section at Homegoods. I JUST CANT help myself....when you see a wooden bunny holding a basket, you just CANT say no!!! UGGG I always promised I would not be my mom when it came to this stuff. My dad used to say that stuff would start "appearing" all over the house every holiday season. "Stuff he had never seen before" Well, folks the glittery apple does not fall from the golden mama tree. This season has been the worse I'll spare you all the details but I have so much Easter sweetness swirling around in my head I can't stand it!
A girl just can't resist pink fluff and bunnies, jelly beans and peeps!
My dear blog friend and real life friend from once said to me, "I should be living a life where I wear a pink fluffy tutu all day long!"
so here's to a little Easter Sweetness....this is just a peak there is much much more to come!