Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday parties galore....

OK so I have to say, one of the perks of having little people when you are a party planner and party lover like myself is the fact that little people get invited to adorable parties. Now, I'm not a party snob...which means I don't believe its necessary to to spend a lot of money on a party (you don't have too, you can if you want and if you do I'll enjoy every detail!) But, some of the sweetest parties I have ever been to are the kind where its just kids being kids, a cake from good ol' Walmart, paper blowers, crepe paper, princess plates and juice boxes. Last year I sorta did a big blow out Lily Pulitzer theme party for my two year old, now we all know that a two year old has no idea what in the world or who Lily Pulitzer is, but it made for gorgeous pics and I figured I have a only like three years to pick themes before she is begging for a Dora party! I just adore parties in general and my little person was invited to three last week. One a Sip N See for twin play babies (remember this is the one my husband failed to take pictures I cant tell you anything about it, even thought all my friends tell me is was fabulous and over the top...thanks honey...) the other one was at a Horse farm and the kids got to wear there cowboy gear and ride horses and eat cake in a horse stall (it was sweet). The last one was ADORABLE, it was for a sweet little boy who I love and a mama I love even more ;) her lil man is obsessed with fire engines and anything to do with a fire of course with everything yellow, black and red and dalmatian dog touches and of course a visit by a really loud red fire truck from the city..THE PARTY WAS PRESH!!!! Check it sweet party loving friends!

waiting her turn to ride the horsey

one of our sweet little friends

my fire engine boy

adorable decor

playdates, swinging and summer....

I have already adjusted to this crazy wonderful summer schedule...I love it! I love the sleeping a little big longer, the hanging out out in jammies till it time to go to the pool, then swimming our heart out at the pool, just to eat fresh fruit and nap with till 3 (well, I'm not napping I am normally doing laundry or something.....) its a good season to be in, a season of fun and rest. We started with a bang, a bang I hope last.....

we have a family member who just had a set of twins, we went to see the babies the other day, Caroline was in baby heaven. So so sweet to see a baby talk to a baby....

Target Run with my babies!

This is not my kids...well it is...its just something I would have never done as a child. I'm one of those just totally safe people, when it comes to stuff that could hurt my body or anyone else's. This is why my almost three year old hanging off a rope swing and dropping after her first try..blows me away! What will she be like when she is big? What does this mean?

Continued...Summer fun!!!!!

First Day at the River!!
supposed to be taking a nap at the river....not playing

first time in the pool!

she thinks she is Taylor Swift...she is an entertainer like her daddy, I send him to take her to a birthday party with the camera. I have a friend who does adorable bday parties. The theme of party (this is for a 3 year old that loves baby dolls) was a "sip n see" the entire party was a sip n see for the little girls new twin baby dolls. My friend is super creative and I was actually hosting a real sip n see at home. So....I gave my husband the camera and the last thing I said was, "honey I hate I'm missing this party, I want of everything..the cake, ...just everything" he came home with one picture of his daughter on a stage in a play room in a costume singing songs...not a picture of one decoration...was I aiming to high...think so..I'm married to a good American man...what else was there that was important at the party but his little girl! He showed me the picture and said, "pretty sure we have a star on our hands" I could not act too disappointed....He's in love with his baby....I'm so thankful for that...xoxo

last day at Montessori the May Pole!

Busy Busy Busy...Good things or God Things????

picked out of my garden
some of the sweetest girls I know....mama to be in the middle!

a pretty entrance

such fun cupcakes made by one of the hosts, can you believe the candy covered circles, just melted colored chocolate...dip round oatmeal cooked several times!

flowers and mason jars!

Whoa....I just had like 12 days of sheer crazy busy in my life! Its been wild, but in all truth its sorta the way I have always lived my life, full, busy and NEVER dull. There are days I want to really slow down..problem is: I never can pick what I want to give up. In college I was always "in charge" of stuff, I thought it would end when I became a career woman, well then I just got busy volunteering as if a real job was not hard enough! Then I became a wife and mother and got REALLY busy REALLY fast!! Some of the business is totally just part of "doing life" the other is just fun stuff. Sadly the fun stuff is normally what we need to give up so we don't loose sight of keeping the "main thing the main thing" which for me is my God and my family. I have given many opportunities and events up over the past few years, only to find that God had something else for me. So I ask you today...are you just doing "good things" or "God things"? I don't know about you, but I'm going into a new season in my life where with all my heart..want GOD THINGS! I'm not sure what that looks like yet, its just daily choices. Loves to all and try to keep up with my post as I record my last 12 days of fun!!