Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday parties galore....

OK so I have to say, one of the perks of having little people when you are a party planner and party lover like myself is the fact that little people get invited to adorable parties. Now, I'm not a party snob...which means I don't believe its necessary to to spend a lot of money on a party (you don't have too, you can if you want and if you do I'll enjoy every detail!) But, some of the sweetest parties I have ever been to are the kind where its just kids being kids, a cake from good ol' Walmart, paper blowers, crepe paper, princess plates and juice boxes. Last year I sorta did a big blow out Lily Pulitzer theme party for my two year old, now we all know that a two year old has no idea what in the world or who Lily Pulitzer is, but it made for gorgeous pics and I figured I have a only like three years to pick themes before she is begging for a Dora party! I just adore parties in general and my little person was invited to three last week. One a Sip N See for twin play babies (remember this is the one my husband failed to take pictures I cant tell you anything about it, even thought all my friends tell me is was fabulous and over the top...thanks honey...) the other one was at a Horse farm and the kids got to wear there cowboy gear and ride horses and eat cake in a horse stall (it was sweet). The last one was ADORABLE, it was for a sweet little boy who I love and a mama I love even more ;) her lil man is obsessed with fire engines and anything to do with a fire of course with everything yellow, black and red and dalmatian dog touches and of course a visit by a really loud red fire truck from the city..THE PARTY WAS PRESH!!!! Check it sweet party loving friends!

waiting her turn to ride the horsey

one of our sweet little friends

my fire engine boy

adorable decor


  1. look at all those cute details. always so fun to throw a party for little ones!

    such a cute outfit on your little girl!

  2. what a cute party! my daughter will be turning 3 in 6 months and i've already started thinking about ideas. her bday is the week before christmas, which is hectic so i want to be prepared.

    i hope you post pics of the lilly party!

  3. Aw, girl. Thanks for the shout out on C's birthday! I am so glad ya'll could make it! I plan to do my post soon but you know how it is finding the time. Here's to many more fun parties for the kids in the future.

  4. The LIlly party sounds beyond fabulous!

  5. You threw an adorable party! Love the blow up firehouse. Gray may need a fireman themed black and white polka dot birthday next year!