Monday, December 13, 2010

Tender Tennessee Christmas

Happy Holidays!!! Merry Merry Christmas!! I am so in the Christmas Spirit and beyond humbled God sent Jesus to us. Thank you Lord for your birth, your redemption and your love. To you be the glory the honor and the praise. Growing up on Texas it always seemed warm on in December. I'll always be a Texas girl at heart but there is nothing like a Tender Tennessee Christmas!!!! Here's a sneak peak into our home!!
Happy Holidays Ya'll!!!!

Caroline's Tree
My Party Barn Tree
Lots of fun times in this barn!
My Christmas Porch
My kitchen card tree
The entrance

the stockings are hung with care......
kitchen mantel
Study tree
Family this is just cozy!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

a Christmas Miracle...I wrote a blog post.......

so my sweet the title...CHRISTMAS Miracle....I may write a post after a four month hiatus. Let me start by saying I am a lurker, a reader of many and all show and no go when it comes to MAKING the time to write my own. I started Glamazon Jungle with the greatest intention. I wanted to inspire, release, love and just have fun. The days of my life are below in these pics. I just don't know how so many of you do it all. Well, I guess we do what we love. I love to entertain and well, that is what I have been doing other than taking care of these babies. Kentucky you sorry I have been MIA!!!!! I just got your notes and I just now went oh my goodness I have a reader who cares~!! Ya'll I have entertained 212 people in my home since November 4th. Its been wild!! All purposeful and wonderful yet totally exhausting. I'm so behind in filling you all with all my life that SCRATCH I am going to just start new.
Lets start by the new fact of my life. Boy children are quite possibly the sweetest and wildest little things I have ever seen. My son is amazing and wearing this mama out. As you can see one pic below he got in the shower as I ran to the laundry room to get a towel and another pic he is about to do a number on my side table with all my Elias Frame collection. Fun, fun times around here. The Christmas season has really been fun so far.I am currently on a sugar high right now. Caroline and I just finished putting together a gingerbread house and I already had to text Santa a message today that things were not going well with her obedience these days. Goodness the things you will use to get your kids to listen. I wonder if that is how our heavenly Father feels about us. I know the Lord Jesus is really stirring my heart these days about where I am at with so many things in my life. Its a new season. A season of peace and total trust in the Lord. I can't say I like it all together but I can I can tell you that I want Jesus more than anything else in my life. This season has reminded to reflect on where I have come from and where I want to go. It seems all the pretty things in life (if you know me in real life you know I'm all about the pretty stuff) is really just not as important. I want to do something, something that matters and changes someones life. I'm on a journey of really wanting to know what that means for me today. I used to obsess over God's will for my life. I learned in my 20's that God's ways are so much higher and so much more grand that I could ever imagine that there was no need to even go there. In my 30's I am praying for freedom. Freedom to live and be me, the girl that unashamedly serves a God who has set her free and wants all of her. I'm not trying to create a blog post right now. I know this is not an exciting return for you. Its personal for me.I am praying that the beauty of transparency will be life changing for me. Let me also say...Motherhood is HARD. I have come to face the fact that its hard for me, I love it, I love my babies its just hard. I love that I have the freedom to stay home with them. But, I would be telling tall tales if I told you that between the hours of 3pm and 7pm everyday I hang on by a thread. Am I the only one? Goodness God is so good all the time. I just never knew that little people could totally test your patience this way. Little by little I am giving it up. Giving up everything being "perfect" everything being exact, everything being "just the way I like it". I am moving into a new language of "hey this will work", I'll be ok" "God you are so good". Well, I hear a little man throwing bottles and paci's over his crib, time to jump right into my new favorite time slot. Will ya'll please pray for me to be more consistent with my blog. I want to be committed to it. So many of yours bless me beyond words. Love to all and happy holidays.