Friday, December 9, 2011

Choose Faith.

We say its the season to give, the season to think of others and remember those in need. I have heard so many people talking about all the charities and causes they are giving to this season. I myself as I try to teach my children that there are some kids who don't get toys and only even hope for a coat for Christmas, I have been caught in the trap to intentionally focus on those in need. Why is it we are more in tune with the needs of others during this season? I am not so sure. All I do know is that Jesus decided He would meet my needs in a huge way after the loss of my boys in October. It was just October, nothing special. Just October. Why then, do we only really think of others at Christmas when really we are called to love intentionally, give wholeheartedly during ALL seasons?
Set yourself apart. Enjoy the season, give where you are called, nothing more and nothing less. But, remember that He did not go to the cross just because it was your birthday, He went to the cross...Just because. He loved you that much. For that I will love Him always.
This season I am especially grateful for my family. I love them with all that my heart can hold. My babies on this side of heaven have just taken me up with so much joy (actually my babies in heaven bring me joy be in the presence of the Most High) I almost can't contain it. My husband. Well, He is just amazing and adorable and beautiful. I am so thankful He was heaven's choice for me in a husband.
More than anything I am just in awe of the miracles that Jesus has done in my life in the last 7 weeks. I am truly walking on the most powerful amazing, freeing days I have ever lived. How is that possible? How in the world can I say that and mean it after the pain, the loss, the disappointment?
He is just that redemptive. He is just God. He is good like that.
I had a conversation with a friend tonight that reminded me that this astonishing grace and faith the Lord has so lavished on me over these last few weeks is offered to all of us. Not just me, all who choose. If you need faith this season and any season. Cry out for it, ask for it, plead for it. He will answer. I promise. Remember faith is the substance of things HOPED for the evidence of things not seen .
I am asking Jesus for faith these days. I am pleading to Him for the health of a friend of mines new born baby boy, I am asking him to bring a baby girl to a friend of mines family all the way from Africa sooner than later. I have asked Him to perform miracles of GREAT proportion in my families life. I am so thankful HE IS MY PORTION.
I have actually asked Him for the nations. That all who don't know Him would have the chance to know Him.
Choose faith. There is one who delivers. There is one who loves with no condition. There is one who longs to know us. His name is Jesus.
Choose Faith.
Because without Him we can do nothing.
Merry Christmas!!!
All my love.....