Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Continued...Summer fun!!!!!

First Day at the River!!
supposed to be taking a nap at the river....not playing

first time in the pool!

she thinks she is Taylor Swift...she is an entertainer like her daddy, I send him to take her to a birthday party with the camera. I have a friend who does adorable bday parties. The theme of party (this is for a 3 year old that loves baby dolls) was a "sip n see" the entire party was a sip n see for the little girls new twin baby dolls. My friend is super creative and I was actually hosting a real sip n see at home. So....I gave my husband the camera and the last thing I said was, "honey I hate I'm missing this party, I want of everything..the cake, ...just everything" he came home with one picture of his daughter on a stage in a play room in a costume singing songs...not a picture of one decoration...was I aiming to high...think so..I'm married to a good American man...what else was there that was important at the party but his little girl! He showed me the picture and said, "pretty sure we have a star on our hands" I could not act too disappointed....He's in love with his baby....I'm so thankful for that...xoxo

last day at Montessori the May Pole!

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