Thursday, May 13, 2010

I could have been a farmer....

I grew up in a metropolitian city....I loved it and always thought that is what my life would be know like the thing you just do. I never knew what a tick was till like last year, I have never ridden a four wheeler, I have never noticed the beauty of a hay bale. However, I love life in a small southern town...a town I was made for. It so suprised me when the God of the universe showed me the man of my dreams, a farm boy, a guy who can like grown stuff and actually owns a real John Dear the $200,000 dollar kind...really how can they cost that much? I have fallen in love with big southern skys, abandon barns, the smell of fresh cut hay and the simplicities of living life in a town where people still know how to grow food. I have this DARLING housekeeper who God sent to help me with my home and many other things. I know people say dont mix pleasure with business, but people this woman is PRECIOUS. She loves the lord is on a level of domestication I could only dream of and has a REAL garden in her farm. She invited my babies and I out for a brunch on the farm yesterday and playdate with her grandbabies and we just had the most glorious time. For the very first time in my life I saw all sorts of thing growing out of the ground! It tasted so much better than the stuff I get a Publix? However, I dont know if I am ready to have a garden...but maybe, just maybe when I grow up, I might start one!!

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