Friday, March 11, 2011

snips and it more than ever.........

Little boys are so much more than I ever imagined . To be honest....I only ever saw myself with girl babies....I came from girls, I am a girl....its just seemed natural. Well, I got my girl and she is a delight. However. This guy....there are not words......all I can say is I think I am a boy mom and LONG for a another boy baby. Although I'll take whatever the Lord gives me. This guy is so much fun. I am amazed by his little boys ways......I mean really look below...hauling nanners in your truck!!!! ahhh!!!! love it. Crawling on everything, up everything, falling all the time, throwing anything and everything. Let me be honest...I am sort of one of those "nervous mothers" which is why I find it almost comical that my 3 year old girl child knocked her front tooth out last year doing nothing dangerous. I am always trying to stay a step ahead of them to stop any major crisis. Well, probably need to go ahead and let that one go. Since they are the Lord's anyways. He is protector. But, these boys will almost give you a heart attack....but then......crawl into your arms and snuggle and love you like none other. I really like that part. Here's to boy babies! Here's to praying I can raise him to be an honorable man. That was another reason I thought I never wanted boy children. It seems so huge to raise a son, you are responsible for raising someone who will lead his own family some day. I just trust every single day that with the beauty of an amazing father, my love and support and a whole lot of prayers this little guy will be a man after God's own heart. That is all I really want for him.

my men on the amazon job site!

watching diggers and anything with wheels....totally amazes me.... an economist/money guru's daughter marries the owner of a construction company and has a son that already can identify what a digger, roller, backhoe, dump truck and grader is....woa.....I know what they are too!!! Hey but guess what my construction man he knows what Hermes, Creed Perfume and Beth Moore are!!!!! Love love love it!

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