Friday, March 11, 2011

february & march fun and fairytales continue.......

Its been a really really fun of February and start of March....going backwards.....

hosted a dinner party for a good friend who turned 40 in my barn last night....good girls, fun times, great food and big laughs.......I am loving being 31....but I think 40 is cool too.
the cake lovers cake

our baby sitter going to Morocco to the peace corp. last day with her~!!! Good luck TB!!!!
just threw this one in of my angel for kicks!!!!!
party time in the barn!!!!!
my valentine's day diva! him up!!!
heart pancakes!!!!!
valentine's surprises!
sweet baby friends playing at a birthday party
big daddy ( Mr. Glamazon) with babies all over him and loving it
first trip to Disney (which by the way I was not excited) I AM IN LOVE with it now!!! so much more fun with kids!
loving her new ballon
honey, we did it all....unicorn face and all......
this picture is hysterical to me.....she was SPEECHLESS....all she said to Belle (her favorite) is: "you and I match we are both princess's, and we both have brown hair and eyes!" she could have cared less for the other princess's
seeing the castle for the first time.....priceless....she cried then screamed!!!
Dinner at Red Fish.....she was such a lady.....
of course its easier to be a lady when you watch movies on Daddy's phone!

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