Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow, Black Beans and Bucky

Hey my dearest readers....can I vent? maybe just for a second? I really need to...indulge me...PLEEEASSSEEE!!!! It all started this morning..woke up late, almost got in a wreck on the way to take my little angel to Mothers Day Out, then I had my workout schedule all screwed up and missed it altogether. Not life changing but all the sudden I remembered I was supposed to be doing a 24 day body cleanse, I didn't notice till I looked down at my half eaten egg mcgriddle from McDonald's (don't judge me please total stress food for me) . There were so many series of annoying things that happened to me today. A painful conversation, a temper lost, the past drug up, a teething baby, a bowl of black beans covering my kitchen thanks to the darling little blonde headed boy in the high and chair and screams at the kitchen table from a 3 year old who swears black beans are really "fat black bugs". OMG think I was alone with my husband skiing a week ago, drinking wine by the fire and having all this great quality time with my man and my God. Whew....its back to real life. Today was one of those real days. I'm just being honest. I find that blogging is a great way to be transparent (or be fake) I choose transparency cause all I have ever wanted is to be real and be free from a very jaded and fake world that honestly nauseates me with their simple conversations that say the same things over and over again with almost no answers. I had a few break downs today. My day was lighted when my ever darling and amazing sister came by for a visit to love on my babies...I honestly think i stole all the loving in my pity party. She let me. That's what sisters are for. I am so thankful for her. She has always had a way at seeing people pretty much for who they are and loving them in spite. I beg to be more like that. Then I realized that January has already been a very eventful month for me. For one 2011 is here, seconding God saved my dear friend from death during childbirth!! Thank you Abba Father! Glory and Honor to you! That I braved the gorgeous rocky mountains with the coolest guy I know and loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it. That by the time I got home another very dear and precious friend delivered her baby girl when a terrible delivery went very wrong and minutes later they were left with a baby girl with a bleeding brain and the reality of brain damage or even death. Glory! Glory to God in the Highest....neurology report..."brain activity looks normal" sweet mama and baby girl coming home tomorrow. Thank you Jesus. We are humbled, we are beyond amazed by your ways. Let us not forget you are the author and finisher of our faith. So, with the melting of the miraculous snow we have had around here...tomorrow is a new day. I spent time today rearranging my house and organizing a few treasures I found at my favorite local antique gallery. It was bliss among my "angst" today. Now, the girl who is supposed to be on a 24 day body cleanse is making the pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls. Smart huh? Well, cooking relaxes me and I don't fall asleep like when I drink my wine. Cheers (imagine me holding a cinnamon roll) to a new day tomorrow. To the miracles of faith I wrote about in my last post and oh cheers to Bucky the 10 point Buck I bought to hang above my mantel. Crazy I married a very southern, raised on a farm good ol' boy that does not hunt. I have to buy my game loot. Bucky (named my my 3 year old today) brought a smile to my face today as I watch my children talk to him, pet him and watch in amazement as their mama pranced around the house figuring out where to hang that furry guy. Not too many bad problems to face when you think about it. A friends life spared, a friends baby spared, beautiful snow melting and children enamored my God's creation. I guess in is good. Its real good. Why? I pretty sure because our God is so Good. XOXOX

Meet Bucky
Vintage Wire Baskets
Items for the party barn!!!
My little pond and barn all covered in snow....

my main man and I in Beaver Creek Bliss

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