Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Dreamboats Birthday.....oh my gosh I love boy babies...

When the ultra sounds tech told me "its a boy" I must admit I was a little shocked, I had only every imagined myself with girl babies, I'm from girls...I'm over the top fluffy and have no idea what to do with the male gender. Although I was happy to get one of each I had no idea what I was in for until they put that sweet baby boy in my arms....LOVE LOVE LOVE....DEEP DEEP LOVE!! It was different than with Caroline, I was holding a boy, who would one day be a man. I so desire my son Caldwell to have a heart after God, to desire to please God with all His heart, soul and might..if this happens, he will be a man, a man worth seeing and hearing. Caldwell has been a delight to our family this year, such an easy baby with tons of smiles and cuddles, gorgeous eyes that see right to your soul. I would not trade 100 girls for him, a good and perfect gift from above. His 1rst birthday symbolizes him...a man on the that be wagon or feet he is ready to take life on!!! We love you sweet little handsome's!!!!

the yummy cake
the barn awaits the guests

birthday happy's for the babies
loving him some daddy
a dear friend and her "Baylor" bear
my big girl showing the peeps how its done in the sand box
Birthday Boy could not stay away from the ice bucket.....he got that trait from his mama who loves to chew ice!!!

little party girl
more party girls

thats not even right but just may be our Christmas card this year

what to do with a sticky baby??? eat him up with kisses!!! Happy Birthday my sweet little man!!!!!


  1. that is so wonderfully impressive! Love the colors, the cake, and the party hat!

  2. girl!!! girl!!! girl!!!

    this is just precious! i agree the colors, the theme, those darling babies...and that party barn. you know i love that party barn!
    beautiful. mmm mmm mmm!

    we need to get together soon!
    heard you meet a friend! so excited for you both!

    take care beautiful mama!

  3. whoops that should be "met" instead of meet.

    i need to go to bed.

  4. im always planning parties in my head so now i think i "need" a party barn. what a cute party! i love all the details. my mom was telling me about a party she saw online for little boys that had huck finn as the theme. isn't that creative and fun!? your kids are precious by the way:) have a great week!

  5. stop with all this cutest, my heart can't take it. what an adorable party, again, every detail is a ray of light!

  6. So glad to see you back blogging! Both parties were so fun! Keep inspiring us girl!

  7. hi, sarah! i'm leaving you a comment here because i had emailed you a while back and never heard back from you, so I don't know if you received it, or you're just really busy like most of us. Anyway, I wanted to share with you that I'm starting my own business planning children's parties! It's something Ive wanted to always do and I've had some great opportunities come my way, so I'm taking the plunge. the first party is going to be my daughters 3rd birthday.....just thought I'd share the good news with you. I knew you'd appreciate it. I miss talking to you. email me sometime:)