Thursday, August 5, 2010

Caroline's Paris the barn......

Caroline's birthday party happened exactly 12.5 hours after being home from the beach....CRAZY...Each year I have said I am going to "keep it simple" now that term is so very relative. Our family loves France and all things french....the food, the wine, the country, the fashion and the Poodles!! My mother is practically the grown version of "Fancy Nancy" if you have a little girl you know exactly what I am talking about. I figured that I only had this last year to convince my sweet baby girl of the theme she "wanted to have" before I give into the classic princess party or Dora the Explorer. She has always loved my mom's poodles and I thought...BRILLIANT!!! A french poodle party. So complete with French music, food, an art project and REAL Poodles the day was wonderful (hot..but very very wonderful). There is something so fun about watching a socialite child (she comes by it so very honestly) delight in seeing each of her friends come to the party and enjoy themselves!!! So Bonjour!! Welcome to "Caroline's France in our Party Barn"

checking out all the goods
gorgeous mino guests starting to arrive
the art has begun
timeless and perfect to every mama
fluffy and gorgeous
full of color and fluff!!
Birthday Girl about to show off her special guest!!!
My STUNNING mother in all her FRENCH Glory....
Animals delight children...especially white fluffy ones with pink boas!!!
my sweet son among all the little women
Eiffel Tower Cake
its a tradition..Daddy blows.....just like that another year older
I really have gorgeous mommy friends
woa....need I say more....half of them I put away till Christmas...heheh
with her buddy
loving on her new Adora doll she named "dolly"
Eiffel Tower Sippy Cups
Are you ready to paint?
Table scapes
Happy Birthday my amazing little gift from God you make mommy and daddy feel so blessed, you are spirited in your third year...we know you are a chosen young lady, called to great things for the kingdom of God...we feel so honored to be your mommy and daddy...we pray you grasp how high and deep HIS love is...if you do that when we have accomplished the task.


  1. precious...almost no words as i type with my mouth still wide open. every detail is parisan jadore! what a special party for your parisan armelle. she truly is a princess of The King... God has truly blessed you with a beautiful girl, thanks for sharing!

  2. what a great party! i love that you have a party barn for these occasions....i say keep it simple but it always seems to get bigger and bigger. it's just like weddings. there's no such thing as a simple wedding:) thanks for sharing pics! i want to see more